Construction Project Management Consultants

Are you looking for someone to Manage the Tendering Process & Tender Assessment of your building works? Habitat offers trusted Construction Project Management Consulting in the Sydney area.

Once the scope of works have been assessed, prioritised and agreed by the owners, typically after having reviewed our initial building defects report, we can prepare a comprehensive tender ‘Package’ to issue to specialist remedial contractors suited to the type of works being tendered, to obtain competitive and directly comparable prices.

Our ‘Tender Package’ would typically comprise the following documentation:

  • A Technical Specification for the works.
  • The ‘Scope of Works’ providing details and extent of the various building items.
  • A ‘Tender Submissions Form’ itemising each work item.

Construction Tender Process

Our approach to the tender process is that we typically issue our ‘Tender Package’ documents to three quality and experienced licensed building contractors suited to the tendered works, which can include builders preferred/proposed by the owners.  We arrange a ‘walk through’ site meeting with the tenderers, where they can inspect the proposed works.  This inspection, together with the detailed Tender Package’ documentation ensures that the contractors quote on exactly the same basis for each respective work item and the quotes received from the tenderers are competitive and directly comparable i.e. you are comparing ‘apples with apples’.

In our experience, our detailed tender documentation not only provides directly comparable quotes, but ensures that the works are carried out to a high quality, whilst also reducing the likelihood of contract cost variations, which potentially can be costly.

We can also ‘Phase’ the works and/or include different options for work items to assist our Clients with budgeting for the works.

Construction Tender Assessment

We review and assess the tender returns and if necessary, liaise with the tenderers to ensure that they have demonstrated a good understanding of the works.

We then prepare a tender comparison spreadsheet, itemising each work item to directly compare the tenderers costs, followed by our detailed tender assessment report giving our recommendations etc. including rates for additional labour, etc.  Also, if required, we can provide recommendations for prime cost/provisional sum allowances and similarly, contingency sums for any anticipated latent conditions or ‘unknowns’.

To assist and to ensure the Client/Owners have a full understanding of the works and tender returns, we can attend a meeting with our Clients to discuss, evaluate and explain the works first hand. This generally assists them to make an informed decision when awarding the contract.

Preparing Building Contracts

If required, once the contractor has been selected, we can assist with preparing the contract documentation between the parties to protect our Clients’ welfare, as well as ensuring the contractors have current licences and adequate insurance coverage for public and contractor liability, Worker’s Compensation, and if applicable, that Home Owners Warranty insurance is obtained.

If we can assist you with Construction Project Management Consulting or the management or assessment of a competitive tender process, please do not hesitate to contact us.