Building Defect Reports and Inspections

At Habitat Building Consultancy we help you remove some of the guess work that can comes with builders and contractors not fulfilling their contractual obligations. Before accepting that a builder or contractor has not completed their work to your full satisfaction you should seriously consider obtaining a professional opinion on the condition of the work by engaging a consultant to provide a formal, written opinion. If you’re unsure what a building defect report normally entails we will provide an explanation so you can have a better understanding. A Building Defect Report is carried out by a highly trained professional and itemises any defective or incomplete construction works. It is normally prepared in situations where a builder or contractor has refused to fulfil their responsibility for work they have completed or in the instance a builder’s or contractor’s operations have ceased unexpectedly. A building inspection report can be carried out following the completion of a build after the dwelling has been occupied, however it must be carried out before the expiry of the builder’s statutory warranty/Home Owner’s Warranty insurance period as it will be needed to notify the original Builder/Developer of building defects. These reports are known as an End of Warranty Report. Don’t just take the builder’s word for the quality of the work completed, you should always engage an unbiased third party professional to assess the quality of the work and craftsmanship to ensure there have been no unreported fundamental flaws to the build.

NCAT Litigation

NCAT Witness reports are important documents, and you will need an experienced professional in the industry to ensure you can reach a desired resolution. We provide impartial expert opinion, and fully abide by the ‘Expert Witness Code Of Conduct’. Habitat Building Consultants are one of the leading experts in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area, as well as the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions.

Trust the Word of our Clientele

With numerous providers offering building defect reports it can become overwhelming to choose who the right provider is, and we can completely appreciate that. However, you really need some comfort knowing that you have hired an experienced and trusted company that can carry out the building defect reports that you need. As much as we like to spruik how amazing and thorough our service is, we believe the best source to hear how well we do our job are from some of our customers who can provide an unbiased opinion on our service that you can rely on. Glenn and Joanne Mobbs from Ace Body Corporate Management are repeat customers and have found Adam prompt, thorough and very easy to deal with and found our reports detailed and specific. They thoroughly recommend us. Joan Foley who has referred to us from a previous customer, Warren Reid of Kyntire Building Services found that we were able to help her just from the initial consult with Adam. Joan was impressed with our punctuality and professionalism.