‘Works in Progress’ Site Inspections

Our Construction Site Inspection Reports further our Management of Tendering Process & Tender Assessment and Contract Administration services to assist the Owners further and to help provide ‘Peace of mind’. We can carry out regular ‘Works in Progress’ building site inspections during the course of the works, which we recommend to ensure the following:

  • The works are carried out in accordance with the contract documentation i.e. the specification and scope of works etc.
  • The works are completed within the agreed contract period/programme and generally to a satisfactory outcome.
  • Close control on the percentage of works completed to enable us to accurately assess the contractor’s progress claims, particularly items which were provisional sums or of ‘unknown’ quantities, at the tender stage.
  • Any discrepancies or latent conditions uncovered during the course of the works can be dealt with as they arise and resolved quickly, thus minimising potential delays to the works.
  • If required, liaising with the owners to assist in gaining access to units and common areas to ensure continued progress.
  • Resolution of disputes.
  Construction Site Inspection Report being conducted in Sydney

Our approach to construction site inspections is that following our site visit(s) we provide a ‘Site Inspection Report’ to our Client, typically detailing the progress on building site, issues raised on site and items inspected etc., supplemented with photos.

The frequency or number of construction site inspection visits is scheduled to suit each respective building project and the various stages of the works. Typically, we would visit the building site at least on a weekly basis, but this may increase to 2 or 3 visits per week at certain stages, or at short notice to assist the contractor and help prevent delays or the works being held up on site.

Also, as part of our site visits we find it beneficial to periodically meet the Clients/Owner representatives to run through the works, explain and discuss the works in progress etc.

To minimise the number of construction site inspections and our costs to the Client, our regular ‘staged’ site inspections would ideally be coordinated and linked in with the scheduled site inspections for the contractor’s progress claims.

If we can assist you with ‘Works in Progress’ construction site inspections, or if you wish to know more about our building report services in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.