End of Warranty Building Reports

An ‘End of Warranty’ Building Inspection Report is a detailed report itemising defective or incomplete construction works, and is prepared after the building work has been completed and the property is occupied. It is carried out to notify the original Builder/Developer of building defects, prior to the expiry of the builder’s statutory warranty and/or the Home Owner’s Warranty insurance period. If required, the report can be used as supporting documentation for a Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance claim to notify the insurer of the list of defective items.

To get the most from and End or Warranty Building Report, any Architectural and Structural Engineering drawings and specifications for the building are a huge asset, especially if they are the actual ‘as built’ documentation, as they provide the construction details which assist in diagnosing the reason(s)/cause of particular building defects typically water ingress issues. In some cases it may also be beneficial to carry out some ‘invasive’ testing and/or exploratory works to investigate the underlying building elements and substantiate building defects and their causes. We can arrange for this work to be carried out; further details about our Investigation & Diagnostic Services are available on our website.

A reasonable builder or contractor will return to site to address these defect items, but if they refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for defective or incomplete work, the Owners may decide to take their case to the Office of Fair of Trading (OFT) and NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). The Owners may also notify the insurer for the Home Owners Warranty policy for the property and seek legal advice; further details about our Expert Reports / Litigation Reports are available on our website.

Clients should note that in accordance with their statutory warranties, a homeowner or subsequent purchaser, used to have seven years from the date of completion of the building work to claim for defects. However, for building works commenced on and after 1st February 2012, the statutory warranty period was changed in line with the Home Owners Warranty insurance warranty period, to two years from the date of completion of the building work to claim for non-structural defects, and six years to claim for structural defects. For further information regarding the ‘Home Building Amendment Act 2011’, please refer to the NSW Office of Fair of Trading web site.

If we can assist you with a End of Warranty Building Inspection Report, please do not hesitate to contact us.