Condition Reports & Surveys

Property Condition Reports are a written and photographic record of the current condition of a property at the time of the inspection, effectively creating a ‘snapshot in time’ of the condition of the property.

Our Condition Reports and property inspections provide a detailed schedule of the condition of the property at the time of the inspection recording each pre-existing building defect and overview state of the property both internally and externally, together with a photographic record and sketches. If requested, we can provide a video record to accompany the report.

Rental property condition reports are often commissioned prior to leasing a property and the assessment may include furnishings and equipment. If required, a subsequent Condition Report can be carried out at the end of the lease to identify whether there has been any damage or deterioration of the property and furnishings etc., as a result of usage contrary to the lease agreement.


Alternatively, these condition reports are also suitable as a ‘snap shot’ or detailed documentation of the stage of works of development projects where the Builder or Developer vacates the site after ceasing to trade (e.g. due to insolvency) and the works are to be taken over by others. This property condition inspection report can also be crucial for the determination of Home Owners Warranty Insurance and future claims as to which party is responsible for which portion of the works. Identification of which works were carried out by the original Builder/Developer, and which works were subsequently completed by the replacement Builder/Developer, provides clear and concise demarcation of responsibility.

If we can assist you with a Condition Report in Sydney or surrounds, or if you wish to know more about these property condition reports, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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