Why expert building defect reports are necessary

Quality Building Defect Reports

Unfortunately, there are all too many occasions where consumers are left high and dry by builders and contractors who fail to deliver what they promise. There are numerous scenarios in which this may occur: a builder might cease trading unexpectedly, leaving a job incomplete, or the completed building may not be up to standard. In cases such as these, the customer can often be left feeling powerless and unsure of how to proceed but you should never simply accept poor workmanship from the builders and contractors you employ. The first step in having your issues addressed is to obtain a Building Defect Report. A Building Defect Report provides by a formal, written opinion of the work and condition of the building. This document is prepared in accordance with Australian Standards (AS4349.1) by a qualified expert who can give an independent, unbiased assessment of the construction. A Building Defect Report might document fundamental flaws in the quality of the build that are not apparent to the everyday consumer. It might also be used to create a formal record of the work to date where a build has been abandoned by a builder or contractor.  The practical applications of a Building Defect Report are many.  They can be used to support a request for rectification from a builder or contractor, or as supporting evidence in a dispute resolution mediation.  They can also be used to make a claim against Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance.

What You Need To Know

A Building Defect Report is a type of building inspection report. The building inspection report that is most commonly encountered by ordinary consumers is the pre-purchase property inspection report, otherwise known as a standard property report. This is the document you will have obtained if you have ever bought an established property, chronicling any issues the inspector has found in the property. A Building Defect Report shares many of the same characteristics as this document. Documents such as these should always be prepared by a qualified professional in accordance with Australian Standards. As experts in their field, these professionals know exactly what to look for in a build, and they can see through cosmetic fixes that unscrupulous tradesmen sometimes apply to cover over unsatisfactory workmanship. However, there are limitations to any building inspection report, and a Building Defect Report is no exception. The inspector will only report on areas that are visible and safely accessible, and certain things would not normally be inspected. These would include things like footings, concealed damp-proofing, wiring, plumbing, and appliances. It is a good idea to talk to your inspector to ensure that you understand what areas they will be looking at in their report.

What We Offer

Habitat Building Consultancy have the expertise and experience to provide you with an accurate and dependable Building Defect Report. If you’ve been left in the lurch or suspect that a builder or contractor has over-promised and under-delivered, our professionals can give you a solid foundation from which to claim rectification. We have over twenty-five years’ experience in the building and construction industry, and our consultants have the knowledge and reliability to ensure you know exactly where you stand. Our Building Defect Reports can provide a level of detail which is customised to suit the precise needs of our customers, including comprehensive documentation and photographic records of any defects found. A Building Defect Report is a visual inspection of the property but in some instances it might be necessary to explore the construction in more depth and carry out invasive testing and/or exploratory works. In the event that our inspection uncovers any areas that require further investigation, or if you have concerns that require this sort of testing to be done, we can arrange that too.  In addition to Building Defect Reports, we can provide a shorter and more concise document known as a Special Purpose Report, focusing on a specified problem area within the build, or a longer, more detailed report called an Expert Report, for submissions as evidence in NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) hearings. In short, whatever your building inspection needs are, Habitat Building Consultancy have the knowledge and expertise to handle the job.